2016 Season In Full Swing Now
Date: Wednesday, April 27 @ 07:27:10 MST
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Now that all of our local tracks have opened up the gates, there's plenty of action to be found for dirt and asphalt racers and fans. Barberton Speedway has kicked off their first full season with the new ownership and the place has been packed. They've spent plenty of money and hard work to spruce up the 1/4 mile bullring and the racers and fans have been rewarding them for their efforts. It's worth the trip even for you dirt fans to check this place out this season.

Deerfield Raceway started their seaon this past weekend with 99 cars in the pits. That says alot about the place with the weather being just a little less than optimal for racers and fans. The gang at Deerfield put on a great show each week and go out of their way to make every vistor feel like family. You can't find a more family oriented crowd in the stands at any other track I've ever visited. This is another 1/4 mile bullring, but this one is dirt of course. Be sure to make plans to take in a show here and I promise you'll want to return.

Hilltop has already had 3 shows so far and the action has been nothing short of awesome. On April 16th the stands were once again packed and the fans got one hell of a show. In the days of lighter car counts everywhere, it was great to see not one but three B-Main races in one night. The Late Model and Modified fields were filled with the very best competition to be found in the area. One Late Model team even made the trip from Canada! Last week we saw Corey Conley pick up his second win of the year from his 11th place starting spot to the surpise of many. So far it seems that Conley can't be beat when it comes to the Late Models, but this past weekend almost turned out differently. 2015 points champion, Kyle Moore, struggled with his new ride on the 16th but this week he had that Kryptonite dialed in. He jumped out to an early lead and started to drive away from the field briefly. It didn't take long for Conley to find his way to 2nd though and he began hounding Moore for the lead. There were some great battles behind them but these two drivers had a damn good clean battle for most of the feature with lapped traffic often playing a role. Coming to get the white flag that lapped traffic would help decide the outcome of this feature. Moore chose the risky move of trying a narrow line around lapped traffic getting into turn 3. It was a clean move and Moore kept from moving the slower traffic out of the way, but it would cost him the lead. Conley chose the safer route and stole the lead by turn 4. Ya can't say Moore didn't give it all he had to try to regain the lead but he just couldn't pull it off in one lap. The crowd sure as hell got a show though. You won't want to miss the action this week as I expect Moore and others will try to knock Conley off his throne. Keep an eye on that Moore fella. ;-)

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