Double Dose Of Deerfield For The Holiday Weekend
Date: Monday, July 04 @ 16:43:31 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Deerfield Raceway celebrated the July 4th weekend in fine style with 2 great nights of action. Saturday night was Mid-Season Championship night along with the Dave Walters Memorial race for the Modlites. The track was once again groomed to perfection for the full night of action in 9 divisions, as it always seems to be. I spent the first half of the night in the tower and I gotta tell you that the efficiency of the staff up there is pretty impressive. I've spent time in the towers at various tracks over the years, and to say it can usually be a little hectic is quite an understatement. This place is certainly different from those others. The laid back feeling was unlike anything I've experienced in any other tower. They even talked me into helping with the scoring for a while and that's a job I'd normally run from. It helped alot that caution flags aren't quite as common as I'm used to seeing. That fact alone is very impressive when you consider that there are fields of kids out there putting on a good bit of the show. All divisions raced clean and those having a problem were quick to get off the track if possible to avoid bringing out the unnecessary caution flag. You Deerfield officials are spoiled if ya ask me. ;-) From the AWESOME singing of the National Anthem, to the full field of Modlites climbing out of their cars on the front stretch after the feature race to join the presentation of the Dave Walters Memorial Race trophy, it was a great show of pure class that should make anybody return for more. So,,,, that's exactly what I did the very next night.

By now you all know that my favorite night at a race track is any night that I get to take my daughter and granddaughter with me. Angelena is a huge Bob Daugherty fan but she might enjoy the Night Of Destruction shows at Deerfield even more. These shows are probably the only time you'll find a nasty track surface at Deerfiled but that's the only way to run an Enduro race, race car bowling, and other assorted mud filled events. There will be two more of these shows this year and you owe it to yourself to see at least one of them. You'll get more than your share of mudslinging/fender bending action, and probably take a little track surface home with ya. We had a blast all night as always but I have to warn Paul that I'm pretty sure Angelena was sizing up that little tow truck. She's pretty sure she can reach the pedals in that one so ya might wanna hide the keys!

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