Conley Knocked Off His Thrown As ''King Of The Hill''
Date: Friday, July 15 @ 16:15:13 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Markham, Duncan, Bond, Gentry and others have made the trip in recent weeks to end the winning streak of Corey Conley at Hilltop Speedway. They all failed. With a bounty out for anybody that could tackle the job, along with some other bonus money on the line, that youngster from West Virginia Tyler Carpenter decided to take his turn at it. Carpenter would be behind the wheel of the Kryptonite #5L normally piloted by Mike Lonas. The "kid" went right to work in the pits making changes to the car before ever strapping in. I reckon when your own family builds the chassis, ya just know what you'd like to see in a setup. The Dash race would show that he could run with Conley so the feature would surely be interesting. In the early laps of the feature Carpenter captured 2nd place but by then Conley was driving away. But not for long! Somebody will have to explain to me one day how Carpenter got the nickname Kamikaze Kid, because the little bastard is probably the smoothest, most disciplined young driver I've ever watched. Sure he can run wide open around a track with the best of them, but he can also do it 3 or 4 wide without ever making contact or getting out of shape. That's IMPRESSIVE! It was like watching a cat creep up on a mouse as Carpenter closed in on Conley and when he made his move for the lead the crowd went crazy. Through lapped traffic Conley put up a short battle but soon it was clear that his streak would be over. Only disaster or a caution would save his ass now. Then the yellow flag flew with one lap to go. Once again we'd see how smooth this kid can be. Protecting the bottom off turn 4 to take the green was his only defense but by the middle of 1 & 2 turns he had this one in the bag. Congrats young fella and thanks for one hell of a show! Note to Lonas: ya better get up on that wheel this Saturday night because we've just witnessed what that car is capable of. ;-)

Mark your calendars folks for THURSDAY July 28th. The STARS Late Model series will roll into Millersburg to battle the stout weekly competitors on "The Hill". Late Models will be chasing $3000 to win and $300 just to make the feature. Hilltop will be starting 24 cars in the Late Model feature for this show. Modifieds will be racing for $1300 to win. The Street Stocks will be chasing $1000 to win (THANKS to McKenzie Concrete) and Mini Stocks will be racing for $300 to win. This is one of those show that's sure to make long lasting memories for all race fans so BE THERE!!!!

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