From One Lane To 3 Wide In One Night
Date: Tuesday, June 06 @ 08:06:23 MST
Topic: DFC Racing

Hilltop is well known for 3 and 4 wide racing each week, and that's what brings the crowds to Millersburg all season. This week the track didn't allow for any of that early on with only minimal passing throughout most of the heat races and dash races. There was no way Buck would allow that situation the rest of the night and the crew made the very best of a rare intermission before the features would run. DAMN what a difference that made, and well worth every minute of down time. The feature races looked like what we're use to seeing on "The Hill" and hats off to those that made that happen.

Sprints returned to Hilltop for one of two scheduled events this year. I'm not much of a Sprint guy but it was awesome to see a senior citizen put on such a great show and picking up the feature win. Jeff Taylor may be over 65 but he wheeled that Sprint like a 16 year old kid. Take that you youngsters! ;-)

For the second week in a row the Street Stock feature was finally worth watching again. Gee,,,, I wonder what made the difference. Could it be that the lack of just one particular car makes for a better show? If it would remain that way the car count might just climb back to what it should be. John Wilson picked up a hard fought feature win last week and this week David Potts would hold off Wilson for another well earned win. I could get used to seeing this division putting on good shows once again. I reckon that will depend on how soon/often "Team Tantrum" returns.

The Modifieds have put on great shows the last couple of weeks also. Last week DJ Cline showcased his talents as one of the smoothest drivers I've ever seen on dirt. DJ has always turned smooth consistent laps but that doesn't always pay off in the stout field of wide open rim riders that show up weekly at Hilltop. This time he would calmly hold off all challengers even through several late restarts to pick up the feature win. That was just plain beautiful to watch. This week the dash race was won by none other than past track owner Jesse Wardell by putting a smooth show of his own. Must have been that DFC Racing carburetor huh? ;-) Wardell would line up beside Morehouse on the front row of the feature with all lanes open for business this time. This was the first night out for Morehouse and it was clear he was hungry for a win at the drop of the green. There were some good battles behind him but the "Logger" never looked back and picked up his first win of the season.

The Late Models might have had the best show of the night this week. Corey Conley set fast time but his night was ended with mechanical demons during the dash race. Wolford seemed like a likely candidate for the win early on but he was soon joined by hard charging Hottinger and others. Hottinger would briefly take the lead but the turn two guardrail would take away his momentum. While the battle raged up front George Lee was up on the wheel slicing his way forward from his 9th starting spot. Lee was back to his old ways of riding the highest of the high line to pick up spot after spot. Before long he could smell the front spot and it would have to be his. It would take a battle with Wolford to take the lead and it didn't end well for Wolford. Lee would only enjoy the lead a short time though as his tires seemed to have gone away during the caution and he ended up snagging the wall just enough to allow Jeromy Misel to sneak by. Misel has often been a threat to win lately and he wouldn't be denied this time. Hornikle would slip into second place before the checkers flew leaving Lee in third. What a wild race! Congrats to the entire Misel team on their first feature win at Hilltop!!

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