A New Generation At DFC Racing Carburetors
Date: Tuesday, March 20 @ 07:52:23 EDT
Topic: DFC Racing

I'm not quite ready to retire just yet, but I've always thought it would be great to hand over those secret recipes for carburetors to another generation someday. As a very proud grampa, I'm always happy to help my granddaughter with any projects that she shows interest in of course. I've often teased her about having her build carburetors with me, and each time she just chuckled and said she couldn't do that since she's only 11 years old and a girl. I try my very best to convince her that she can do absolutely anything she tries, and to never underestimate herself. This young lady is very smart and picks up on new things as quickly as anybody I've ever known. What better way to teach her than to turn her loose with a carburetor while explaining to her how it worked? One night while we were having some "grampa time" in the garage, I handed her a carburetor from a lawn mower and told her to take it apart. Once it was apart I explained to her what each part was and how it worked. She seemed to be surprised just how easy it was to disassemble and reassemble, so I told her that her next project would be a racing carburetor. To my surprise her eyes lit up and she asked me when we could do that! Since it's that time of year when there's plenty of those on the bench waiting to be done, it was only a couple of days before she would get that opportunity. One evening after she finished her homework she was more than ready to get to work. I should mention that I had promised to make her a custom shirt of her choice after she assembled her first racing carburetor. Once all the parts were laid out to assemble, it was pretty clear the shirt wasn't the source of her excitement though. She was sure to ask plenty of questions along the way and I was more than happy to answer them. I honestly expected to see her stumble at some point or to make a mistake that I'd have to have her fix, but her questions helped her to avoid any problems from start to finish. The look on her face as we finished up the final adjustments was absolutely priceless and made this old fart a little misty eyed to be honest. I couldn't have been more proud of her if she had just won a 100 lap feature. I'm pretty sure you can see her satisfaction in the picture. Hats off to ya Angelena! My little munchkin isn't quite ready to take over the carburetor business just yet, but I sure hope to keep those little hands busy for years to come. Oh, and here's your shirt kiddo!

A new employee at DFC Racing Carburetors isn't the only news to kick off the 2018 racing season. I'm happy to announce that we will be sponsoring the fastest qualifiers in the Late Model division at Hilltop for the month of April. More sponsorships for 2018 are also under consideration.

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