PLEASE Support A Man That Has Supported Area Racing For Decades
Date: Tuesday, January 29 @ 16:57:19 EST
Topic: DFC Racing

Chuck Griffith has been a huge supporter of local racing for what seems like forever. He's kept the crowds entertained from behind the microphone at several tracks, dirt and asphalt, as well as being involved in many fund raisers for others over the years. Or as Chuck would say "many many years". ;-) He's a walking history book as far as local racing is concerned too. I'm almost certain that if you ask him who won the first Late Model feature in May of 1974 at Wayne County Speedway, he could tell you who it was and throw in what lap they took the lead just for fun. Then he'd ramble on about the first car that driver ever drove and what size engine it had in it. He probably wouldn't shut up until he listed all the sponsors of that car too because Chuck has always taken great care of the sponsors.

Sadly Chuck is in need of some support from the racing community this time around as he battles Acute Myloid Lukemia. The folks at Wayne County Speedway have organized a fund raiser to be held in Creston Ohio on Sunday March 3rd. You can show your support in a few different ways. The easiest is to show up and eat some spaghetti and bid on the items that will be donated. You can also donate an item to be auctioned off at the dinner. If you can't find your way to Creston you can go to the link below and make a donation to his gofundme account. Please do whatever you can to show this man some support.

Go Fund Me Account

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