2023 Brings Some Big Changes
Date: Friday, January 27 @ 09:50:00 CST
Topic: DFC Racing

As they say, time marches on, whether we're ready or not for what comes next. 2023 looks to be bringing us some changes, and some are very welcome changes. Others are a bit scary at this point but we'll have to wait to see how those play out this summer. The scary part refers to the future of Barberton Speedway. With the death of the owner last year, the future of this historic track has been up in the air. With plenty of rumors flying since last fall there hasn't been any real news yet that makes any of us confident that racing will return anytime soon, if at all. Let's hope for the best!

The more promising changes this year come from Tyler and the gang at Hilltop Speedway. New track ownership always makes plenty of us old timers a bit nervous, and for good reason, but so far I'm pretty damn impressed with the fresh new ideas that Tyler and Beth have brought to Hilltop. They showcased their dedication last season in just the couple shows they had since taking over. Different divisions and a kickass racing surface were the most obvious. While Mother Nature hasn't been kind to their Winter Enduro Series, ya gotta give them credit for thinking outside the box in such a way. Below is the 2023 schedule they've put together and it's easy to see some major changes. In what I consider a bold move, you'll find Sprints taking to the track fairly often this year. 410 Sprints, 305 Sprints, Micro Sprints, Winged Sprints, and even Wingless Sprints. What the hell is going on? ;-) While it's probably no secret that I'm not a big fan of the "tumble buggies", I welcome and fully understand the changes. Racers and fans have asked for more Sprint action for years and Tyler has decided to give them the opportunity to prove their support by adding them to the schedule. Hopefully the Sprint folks respect that and make this a successful change. The most important thing to me on the schedule was seeing that the Jeff Norris Memorial will continue. THANKS Tyler! There certainly will be tweaks and changes made to the schedule throughout the season as always but it's pretty impressive so far. DFC Racing Carburetors may have to work on some different ideas this season for bonuses and such but I'll be happy to Support Hilltop any way that I can.

On a more personal note, 2023 will bring other changes around here at DFC Racing Carburetors. My all-time favorite carburetor builder, my granddaughter will turn 16 in a matter of days. Her time in the shop has been limited a bit lately as she chases her other dreams, but Grumpa couldn't be more proud. She busted her ass for years to make the majorette line and she nailed that the first year she was eligible in 2022. She still found time to help with carbs and even pass out some bonus money last year and I figure that will continue, but I know my Munchkin will be busy with other obligations as she grows up even more. She's been my side-kick in and out of the shop for many years now and certainly cherish every moment of that time. This young lady doesn't just build racing carbs, she's built winning carbs, and even championship winning carbs, while getting to know some pretty cool racers along the way. Those memories will be with both of us forever. Oh, and she's pretty damn good with a baton too. ;-) Happy Birthday kiddo!!

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